Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast capital, Maroochydore, is being transformed into a city for the 21st Century with a brand new city centre being built from the ground up.

Many investors are unsure of where to invest in 2017 and we know if you analyse the data we send you after viewing the video below, then you will discover the Sunshine Coast will offer up a “safe/secure” location offering very low vacancy rates and property at very affordable prices.

By the way, did you know if you are an income earner and paying tax you may qualify to own a brand new property in the Sunshine Coast for less than $20.00 per week out of your pocket?….We have a cash-flow example at the bottom of the page if of interest to you.

For now I would encourage you to watch the 3 minute video below and then if the Sunshine Coast is of interest scroll down to the bottom of this page where you will be able to receive current reports from expert property analysts on the billions$$ being spent on infrastructure in the area plus receive a brochure on our newest project of very affordable new Townhomes in the area.

“This is Australia‟s only greenfield CBD within an existing urban area, which provides us with the opportunity to build from scratch, a city centre that is able to meet the needs of people both now and in the future,” Mayor Jamieson said.

Here is the free cash-flow analysis that will show you how our clients are purchasing brand new properties with as little as $20.00 per week out of their pocket…Click image below to view

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