About Us

Terry here,

Before I introduce myself I would like to address the most asked question I get on a regular basis….drum roll please..

“Terry what type of property do you think I should purchase?”…..Now you think my answer would fall fall under apartment/unit, townhouse or house land package but that’s not the case.

Each location is different and all will work if the demand is there. My answer is:

I absolutely love projects and properties where owner-occupiers are purchasing and here’s why:

“You can imagine the research and demands of owner-occupiers when selecting a brand new home to live in?…My advice, follow their lead, they are planning to live there for some years and cant afford to get in wrong!”

Think about it.…investors will in most cases purchase sight unseen, investors are looking to make money but not your owner-occupiers………Obviously they don’t want to lose money but their main concerns are a lot more than just money, such as:

  • Size and quality of property
  • Local amenities to suit their lifestyle
  • Easy access to shopping
  • Easy access to schools
  • Easy access to hospitals medial facilities

The list for owner-occupiers goes on and on (actually I am starting to go on and on as well, so lets finish up as I am sure you now get my drift regarding why you should follow where owner-occupiers are purchasing)

Hi, my name is Terry Loftus

May I now ask you a question?

Are you dreaming of making a fortune from property? Did you know 87% of property investors only buy 1 property….why?….Because they get it wrong in the first place

So what do I do……. How can I help?

My main focus is to help inspire ambitious people to profit from Property who are time poor or maybe don’t know where to start.

I don’t beat around the bush and i’m totally upfront….Clients find this approach very refreshing

  • I am no “Property Guru” so sorry I have no “Buy 10 properties in 4 years plan I can offer you”
  • There’s no “live” webinar starting 10-minutes from now that I’m gonna ask you to register for, and bore you senseless either.
  • Finally, I refuse to make outrageous claims to impress you. I could, but I won’t.

Now. Despite all my shortcomings?

I still manage to find quality investment property opportunities that perform swimmingly well.

And my style—surprise, surprise—goes against the grain of what all the gurus teach.

Put it this way: you won’t need a mind map to understand my approach.
I keeps it “easy peasy.”

… And save a you a ton of time doing research plus stress and struggle in the process.

And , I feel like I can’t miss.

What’s weird is:

I’m not promoting wealth creation seminars, I haven’t written 10 books on the subject and. I don’t lead people down the garden path to “fools gold”

So what’s my SECRET?

I wish I had one, but I don’t. (If I did, I’d gladly whisper it into your ear.)…Maybe it’s the trusted connections in the industry I have made over the past 19 years?

All I can tell you is this:

Stop majoring in the minors. Stop worrying about silly little petty details. Stick to the meat and 2 veg the way successful property investors have for years.

Such as:

Have a savvy financier get your structure in order FIRST + find a location area with future growth potential + secure a property that suits that growth area at the right price = THEN YOU WILL GET RESULTS..

What I’m getting at is this:

Stick to the basics. Pass, catch, shoot. (or dive over the line whatever your preferred code is)

It’s not about paying $5,000 to follow a Guru, join the herd and they then feed you property every man and his dog has access to PLUS they still get paid commission

It’s about common sense. Seriously.

And no amount of “I will leave it to them” attitude will ever make you real money.

So if I were you today, I’d seriously encourage you to consider looking at getting your foot on the property ladder or adding to your current portfolio for sure, but please keep control of your own destiny and here’s how.

1.………FIRST and foremost get yourself a top mortgage broker/financier who can setup the correct structure where you can move forward FAST without being shackled to the banks.

I don’t employ a broker such as this, but I do know of a brilliant broker I can send you off to and discuss your current and future needs.

2……….Do thorough research on current and more importantly FUTURE property hotspots….Don’t have the time to do it? Not many people do other than take notice of the “media experts”

If your stuck on where to invest we may be able to help as we spend thousands each year on such research.

3…….. I could waffle on about positive cashflow and the numerous tax benefits on offer but I won’t because the third and most important item is securing a property that suits the growth location you have found at the RIGHT PRICE

…..and maybe this is where my expertise could help you as I have access to what I consider the best boutique developers and builders in various locations in Australia’s current property hotspot, Queensland.

I have dealt with many of these developers and builders for years and they all have something very similar when it comes to property….PASSION and it shows in their projects.

That’s enough from me. You know where I am if you need me.

Feel free to browse around the website and if a property appeals drop me an email or make contact by phone….0412472172

By the way, many of our smaller projects are sold before being advertised to the general public. If you wish to be added to our database and receive fresh information on a regular basis, I would encourage you to sign up for our newsletter and updates by clicking here.

Bye for now,


P.S – If you feel we may be a good fit feel free to contact me today by email of mobile. 0412472172

Director Terry Loftus has been involved in the property industry in Australia in some form since 1997. During this period a lot of terrific bonds have been formed with builders and boutique developers across Australia.

These relationships forged over just on 20 years now create massive leverage or “group buying power” to offer clients access to projects and deals they would never be able to have access to on a “single sale”

Most projects we promote are Boutique type developments built with the owner-occupier in mind, not just the investor.

Why?……….That’s where the money is!